Butterflies Childcare & Early Learning Centre implements a play based, emergent curriculum using a strength based approach which responds to children's interests, ideas and individual needs.

Our approach to early childhood learning & development is reflected in the Early Years Learning Framework’s vision to provide children with a sense of Belonging, recognise and celebrate their Being & support their Becoming. When documenting children's learning and development, educators consider what they notice about what children are engaged in; they recognise what learning is occurring by reflecting on the National and Victorian Frameworks (NEYLF & VEYLDF) and they respond to children by adding resources, providing guidance as needed and considering further planning opportunities.

The centre provides education and care for children with a diverse range of needs and abilities. Educators will support your child's specific needs, utilising additional training, resources and educators to implement an inclusive program. Educators will also support families to access funding if required.

Educators are responsive to the cultural and religious needs of all families. Significant and everyday experiences are incorporated into the program to reflect the diversity of each family.

Each child has their own individual portfolio, which is regularly updated with information about their learning and participation in the program. Each room also has a reflections folder which enables children, families and educators the opportunity to revisit, discuss and reflect on their work. This form of emergent curriculum enables staff to respond to, support and extend the current interests and ideas of the children in their daily work. Families are invited to participate in 6 monthly interviews or arrange a time to meet with educators to discuss their child's progress as the need arises.