Centre Philosophy

Butterflies Childcare & Early Learning Centre was formed on the lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the Traditional Custodians of this country and their connection to the land, water and community in which we operate. We pay our respect to them, their cultures and customs both past and present.

Butterflies Childcare & Early Learning Centre will provide a learning environment for children that is warm, nurturing, fun and stimulating. It will be safe, healthy and well supervised. We will foster children’s development by motivating and inspiring children to be the best learners that they can be. We believe that children learn through play and need a balance of open ended commercial and natural resources to promote interactions, spontaneity, risk-taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature. Educator’s interactions with children will be positive, constructive and always encouraging. Educators will at all times role model the behaviours that we are teaching the children. Educators will acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all children and meet the needs of each individual child. Educators will demonstrate understanding and acceptance when dealing with challenging behaviour.

Educators will be proactive in helping children build on the strengths and skills that they arrive at our service with and also identify areas of need and work together with each family to achieve individual milestones and goals.

Butterflies Childcare & Early Learning Centre will provide children with a regular routine where they will be given adequate time for meals and rest and will provide experiences which will give each child the opportunity to explore music and movement, language, science and art. Our programs will be led by the children’s interests with opportunities for children to interact with nature and the world around them.

All children will have an equal opportunity to learn and will be respected and not discriminated against no matter what gender, age, ability, economic status, family structure, ethnicity, lifestyle, religion, culture or language. We will educate children about differences between children, families and communities and help to promote positive self-esteem in all children. We will ensure families with additional needs are included and will offer any support, guidance and assistance needed.

Butterflies Childcare & Early Learning Centre recognises that families are the foundation in children’s growth and development. Educators will develop positive relationships with families based on mutual trust and a high level of open communication. We will make decisions together with the families to ensure the children are learning to their best ability. We will help to guide and support families in their role, while also learning from families in order to achieve the best outcomes for children.

Butterflies Childcare & Early Learning Centre will ensure children and families feel included and welcome by celebrating cultural and religious events and acknowledging and respecting religious beliefs. We implement experiences on our weekly program to educate children about the differences within each family in our service and community. Educators will provide the highest quality care every day to help each child achieve the best possible outcomes possible. Educators will follow our Centre Philosophy to help guide the programming process and also the implementation of their program. Educators will guide children in developing an appreciation for the environment and sustainable practices to protect and preserve our world. We will aim to achieve a sense of wonder, a feeling of belonging to and a love of the land, nature and animals so that children develop a lifelong, respectful relationship as well as a positive & proactive attitude toward the environment and a sustainable future.

Butterflies Childcare & Early Learning Centre has a commitment to continuous improvement and maintains a culture of ongoing reflection and self-review. Effective evaluation and self-review enables our service to continuously improve our policies, procedures and practices, which in turn enables the nominated supervisor, educators and co-ordinators to improve their practice, which contributes directly to improved learning outcomes for children.

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